Applying the Law of Attraction – Taking The Reigns

Understanding the law of attraction will help you apply it. It’s easier to understand the law of attraction if you are open and honest with yourself. Application of the law is very similar to overcoming a fear. It can feel frightening at times to face the truth, depending on how your situation is. However, you can overcome this fear and replace it with joy and confidence. You will need to work hard and be honest in order to use the law. You need to be willing to admit your faults, failures, and forgive past angers. You must also change your emotional behavior to apply the law. It is through our thoughts that we do this. Though it may seem hard at first you will soon realize how easy and powerful this divine shift to your consciousness is. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning in law of attraction

You can illustrate the law by riding a bike up a steep slope and carrying a parachute. This thought can either be terrifying (terror being the emotion associated with the thought) or exciting. Is this what someone would do? It’s because they believe that the thrill of exhilaration is more powerful than the fear of terror. A simple shift in their focus on what they think will influence the emotions they experience and determines what happens. The person “feels the thrill of riding a bike as if it were a wave that washes over them before they actually do anything. They feel the sensation first through the thoughts and feelings. Applying the law of attraction allows them to do things many people won’t be able to.

When you learn the art and science of applying the law to your life, it is important to observe how your moods shift into and out of one another. Some people love to keep a mood log, where they record what their mood is at the moment on a small notepad. They keep track of any mood changes they observe and record the reason. This easy method is great for beginners, as it allows them to see the power and influence of their moods and “feelings”. In just a few weeks, this will be clear how much power you feel and how careless people can be about who and what “allows” them to change their feelings. This concept can be applied to anyone who has ever had a bad experience. Many people find that a single bad event can “save” a great day. It can be as minor and insignificant a person leaving their toilet seat up, or taking over your parking spot. Bam! And just like that, our feelings change into anger and our positive mood becomes negative. This is because the law of attraction can lead to more events throughout your day that “harmonize,” with your mood.

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