Homeschool and Community College – What Are Your Options?

There are many issues parents need to address regarding their homeschooled kids. The first is to review the policies of community colleges with regard to homeschool students. Every community college has a different policy for homeschool students. The parents will be greatly helped if they are able to verify the policies. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college, you need to work with junior colleges

But, verifying existing policies at community colleges isn’t the end. I must add, however, that parents need to think about whether or not their homeschooled kids can be sent to these local community colleges.

I am fine with parents sending their homeschooled kids to a community college. This decision is up to the parents and I presume that they are concerned only with the welfare of their child. Parents are also better equipped to evaluate their children’s ability to socialize with an adult community that can sometimes be unregulated. I would add that parents should exercise diligence when making well-thought out decisions. They shouldn’t allow the bandwagon effect to influence their decision. They should be able to see the ramifications and the effects it will have on their children’s lives. This means that parents need to act like parents and prioritize the overall well-being for their homeschooled children.

Because I care about the well being of homeschooled teens, I’m saying this. These teens have already received so many benefits from their homeschooling years. They can continue to enjoy a supportive family and an environment that doesn’t threaten the values they have learned. I hope the issues I raise here will encourage homeschoolers, for their benefit and the benefit of their kids, to see the ugly realities at local community colleges.

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