How to Get the Best Performance from Your Car Detailing

The second largest investment in a lifetime is a vehicle. Undoubtedly, one wants to maintain their car in the best possible condition. The paintwork of your car is as important as the engine. The condition of paintwork reflects the overall health and well-being of the vehicle, as well as how the owner has treated it. When selling the car, flawless paintwork gives the impression that it was well taken care of and therefore fetches a premium price. The following NearU Mobile Auto Detailing tips can restore your auto in a pristine condition for a minimum cost.

Pour a large amount of dishwashing liquid, or car wash into the pail. Dishwashing detergents can be used to remove oil, dirt and grime. They are also gentle enough for hands, but powerful in removing grime, stains, and greasy residue. Wash your car from top to bottom, including in tight areas like your door handles and alloy wheels spokes. Avoid fine scratches caused by rags. Use microfiber clothes instead.

The next step is to clay the area. Spray the car wash mix on a small area. You will then need to rub a piece of clay with your fingertips. Use a forward and backward motion for the top of the vehicle and a up and down motion for the sides. Rub the area over and over until it feels smooth. Wash the car with plenty of water before drying it.

The next step is to polish the car to reduce any remaining hairline cracks. Polish the top of your car in a circular motion, then the side of the vehicle with alternating front and back movements, finishing up by moving upwards. Most polish manufacturers recommend this method of polishing. Use a clean, 100% cotton towel to buff away the dried polish after it has dried. For best results, repeat all steps a maximum 3 times.

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