Shopping Tips – Choosing Your Floor Lamp

You should be aware of these things before you decide to buy a new floor lamp. Before technology and good design made these lamps safer, they were still considered dangerous. Find quality items or furniture on

In the past, floor lamps were known to tip over. Modern floor lamps must comply with the UL “tipabilityā€¯ standard. The floor lamp you’re looking at is heavier so it is less susceptible to falling on a sofa cushion.

Cords were another danger factor in these lamps for many years. The cords were made out of cloth and could easily catch fire with even the smallest power surge. The floor lamps of today are now made with a zip cord instead of the cloth cords. Old cloth cords were also prone to fraying and children or animals could easily chew through them or be accidentally shocked by their touch.

Because antique lamps don’t have a standard non-tippable base and an electrical cord, it is probably better to purchase a new one than an antique lamp. It will be easier to use.

You are safer. Another reason is that floorstanding lamps had lampshades attached through wire clamps that were attached to the shade. This clamp is also used for attaching lightbulbs.


But if you do manage to find the lamp that you love, you should not hesitate to take it to an electrical or antique dealer to learn what they can do to make it work again. This is a great way to recycle old floor lamps. It’s best to not attempt to rewire an older lamp yourself unless your are an expert electrician. It is simple to rewire an old floorlamp, but it is hard to make sure the base stays in place. It takes only one wild child, or unruly dog, to flip it over and it could be a fire.

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