Starting Young – Tips on Puppy Training

Dogs have been one of mankind’s most trusted companions since before the dawn of time. We have used and bred dogs to fulfill every purpose an animal this large can have. We have taught them to work with us as our joggers and hunters, to help us carry our stuff, to haul our carts away, to protect us from intruders, and to act as our shepherds. We have probably asked for many other things, so the list is endless. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a ver Ified breeder you can look it up on Registered Cocker Spaniel聽 Puppies for sale

However, dogs don’t always come to you as loving and obedient lapdogs. Dogs like all the animals that man has partnered with, so they need to be trained to make the most of their unique abilities. How can you train a dog, though? The first option is to buy a video or book that’s expensive, only to find that almost all of them point in the exact same direction.

It is best to start training your dog young. It is a fact that everything, from humans to chimpanzees to dogs, requires early training and inculcation. This will help you keep your dog or child on the right track and teach them how to behave. The best way to get started with these little bundles is to make sure they know who their masters are. The first six months should be spent with the master or trainer.

It is clear that the breed of dog a puppy is raised with will affect its personality. Labrador Retrievers are friendly and eager dogs, while Weimaraners are more independent and headstrong. Others dogs might have herding or flushing instincts like the shepherds and terriers. You can help ensure your dog grows up quickly by starting early.

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