The Black And White Medicinal Muskhroom Show

Some edible mushrooms and fungi, like the black and white fungus are a good source of vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins amino acids. While they have been used for medicine and food since ancient times in Asia, they are now more popular in the West. You can get the best mushroom capsules in this sites.

Wild and Cultivated Mushroom Fugi

Both the black Auricularia as well as the white Tremella have a special affinity with deciduous plants. Although the black Auricularia likes to grow in moist evergreen forests it is not a problem for the white Tremella, which is more common in temperate forests. Tremella’s fronded white, translucent, gelatinous sprinklings are beautiful. They look like fresh manna. These two types can be commercially cultivated.

Anti-Tumor And Immune Property

Auricularia, Tremella, and Tremella both contain polysaccharides. These compounds have been tried and tested for their anti-tumor, immune stimulating, and other properties. These medicinal fungi act like adaptogens by helping your body to fight off illness and fighting fatigue.

The black Auricularia will be a favorite in savory dishes with ridge gourds. All dried fungi should be soaked in water at least 30 minutes before they can become globby bits.

Collagen Properties

Auricularia or Tremella may be a good choice for women looking to achieve their beauty goals. It’s possible to eat beautiful food without any botox injections, or other cosmetic procedures. Apart from the two fungi mentioned, there are not many plant-sourced collagen forms.

Auricularia or tremella can be great food options because they are inexpensive, easy to make and delicious. They can reduce fat and cholesterol, protect your heart, and they give you a new lease on life. They are also rich in phytochemicals, which make them healing mushrooms.

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